The Cambridge Solar Challenge will sign up at least 100 residents this summer to install solar electric panels on their roofs. The program is supported by the City of Cambridge and is organized by HEET, an award-winning nonprofit working to reduce energy use and bills for residents.

20% discount: Our 20% discount (below the state’s average price per watt installed) is with Next Step Living, a Boston-based solar and energy-efficiency company. On the average solar installation of 4 kW, this discount will save you $4,000.  The discount only lasts until Aug. 1st, and is only open to the next 99 families who sign to install.

Helping nonprofits: Nonprofits help Cambridge thrive. When you get solar, Cambridge Solar will give a $300 donation to the nonprofit you choose from our  list of  participating nonprofits.

Apartments and condos can get solar.

Solar is clean electricity at a locked-in low price. Solar technology is less expensive now and there are a variety of ways to finance it.  Solar panels can be purchased outright, or they can be leased to lock in your electricity rate for decades at a low rate.

Are you one of the lucky 1,000? There are roughly 1,000 residential buildings in Cambridge with enough sun exposure to make solar panels a great investment. Find out if you are one of the lucky 1,000. Have a solar expert look at your home. The assessment is free and can be scheduled on weekdays or weekends.

Solar 101 Events: Curious?  Come to one of our Solar 101 information events.  Ask questions and get your address assessed by an expert.

Endorsed by Green Cambridge and Greenport.  Supported by the City of Cambridge.